Standing on your own two feet.

by Linda DiCarlo

Life is constantly challenging us to maintain stability, strength and stamina under unusual circumstances. Occasionally we are thrown off balance, feel sluggish or run out of gas and have to retreat. To remain focused during these tough times requires physical as well as mental muscles. A standing pose yoga practice can transform your legs and your core, improve stability and equilibrium as well as develop your mental acuity. 

Each Standing Pose Has a Different Shape

By working with a wide variety of standing positions the legs are engaged to maximize stability in the hips, knees and ankles. Even though the position may be held for less than a minute, when repeated on a regular basis, these muscles, bones and joints become stronger and more flexible. Equally important is the vestibular system, located in the inner ear. It impacts your ability to balance and is challenged to become more adapt by the demands of unique positions. 

Upper Body Strength and Coordination are Engaged in a Deliberate Manner

While the lower body has its clear intention, the upper body is held steady to compliment the work of the lower body. The standing poses become full body poses. Extension and expansion of the entire embodiment becomes a reality and this awakens one's awareness in an interesting manner. 

The Breath is Called to Action in Each Pose

Of course we breath on a regular basis, but in yoga poses normal breathing is not enough. The breath works as diligently as the body and interestingly works as a tool for purification. In addition to the unusual task of gaseous exchange occurring in the alveoli of the lungs, the positive life force of prana rides on the breath. The body becomes saturated with these initial components and the end result is that consciousness spreads and awakens the intelligence in your vehicle, the body. 

We practice Standing Poses in just about every class. Certain sequences place a greater emphasis on this category of poses. Come and practice with us and experience the points I have mentioned above. See for yourself.