Summer Message #2

Dear IYS Students and Friends,

Here we are once again in the last two weeks of the session. The final weeks of the summer session are enjoyable because many people return to class after experiencing a variety of summertime activities. Classes are getting back to their usual size and it’s good to have most of our partners in practice back on their mats.

The practice this summer has been productive investigating new asanas and going deeper into the more familiar ones. We have been exploring different approaches to pranayama and honing our mental muscularity. The topics of interest have been Asana and Pranayama and how they fit into the eight limbed path of Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali. We will have covered the first four of the eight limbs and will continue with the last four limbs during the fall and winter.

Yoga is so much more than bending your body into various shapes. By going deeper and learning more about the various components of self, more benefits are gained. With greater understanding comes more intelligent practice. As with most pursuits - the more skilled we become, the more ease we experience. The mature practitioner has a very different experience in tree pose, triangle pose, full arm balance, or head stand than a beginner. And make no mistake about it, we have all been beginners. The process takes us from learning to simply straighten our arms and legs towards the experience of Meditation in Action. Many gifts await consistent practitioners.

Those of you who are enrolled in the summer session and also enroll in the fall, are permitted to carry four of your make up classes forward. The fall session begins September 26. Kathleen, Claude and I would be delighted to see you on your mats these last two weeks whether your are enrolled or not. Come and take a drop in class to get yourself primed for the fall session.

With gratitude in the spirit of yoga,

Linda Di Carlo, Director Iyengar Yoga Source