Summer 2016 Message #1

Dear IYS Students and Friends,

I was pleasantly surprised this week when I went to the studio to practice. The Clivia, native to southern Africa, has finally bloomed, as you can see below. After faithfully watering this plant for the last 5 years, it felt as if a gift had been given to me. I know this is not unusual in the world of botany. Many species need exactly the right circumstances to blossom. Light, nutrients, temperature, and humidity collaborate for the special event.

Our yoga practices are similar in that a number of constituents have to be collected, planted, and sprouted to bring forth the beautiful flower that awakens within us. Last session we reviewed the yamas, ways we show respect for others, and the niyamas, ways we show respect for ourselves. These first two limbs of yoga till the soil and establish conditions for the following six components to take root and emerge.

The next two limbs are asana, postures, and pranayama, breath control, which continue to nourish the roots with their processes: squeezing, rinsing, wringing in asana and moving oxygen, prana, and consciousness in pranayama. We become more seasoned, “less raw” BKS Iyengar would have said.

As Iyengar Yoga students you are familiar with the journey,“from the periphery, to the core, to the periphery”. These first four limbs of yoga are working on the outer most layers of our being. During this summer session we will explore dimensions of posture and breath as they relate to the broader practice of Ashtanga Yoga, the 8 limbed path. We will continue to explore additional limbs in the fall.

I hope you will join Claude, Kathleen and me for 10 weeks of inspirational practice beginning Monday, July 11. For those of you who sign up for the full summer session and the full fall session, a more liberal make up policy will be applied. You may carry up to 4 missed classes from summer to the fall session and take those classes at your convenience within this time frame. Remember, you can make up missed classes ahead of time. We want to see you in class, on the mat, continuing your yoga journey no matter what is going on in your circumstances. Do come. Bring someone new who enrolls and get an additional 10% off. Practice, practice, practice!

With gratitude in the spirit of yoga,

Linda Di Carlo, Director Iyengar Yoga Source